Caves in Budapest

BUDA CASTLE LABYRINTH (Budavári Labirintus)
cave, budapest
I., Úri u. 9.

The only labyrinth of the World in operation. Prehistoric labyrinth - cave art.
Historical labyrinth. Labyrinth exhibition. Labyrinth projections.

Open: daily 09.30-19.30

CASTLE CAVE (Várbarlang)
cave, budapest
I., Országház utca 16.

Another section of the labyrinthine cave system under the Buda Hill has been recently opened to the public.
Already recorded in medieval documents, the cave consists of cavity turned cellars and man-made deep cellars. During the 40-minute guided tour you can see wells, former storerooms, and the remains of baths and combat stations used by the Germans in World War II.

Open: Tue-Sun 1000-1800 May-Sept. Guided tours: GB, D

PÁL-VÖLGYI CAVE (Pálvölgyi-barlang)
palvolgyi, budapest
II., Szépvölgyi út 162.

The stalactite-rich cave, the longest in the Buda Hills and the third longest in Hungary, was discovered in 1904 during quarrying.
It has been an area under increased natural protection since 1944. The length discovered so far exceeds 7,200 meters, the vertical dimension is 104 m.
Open: Tue-Sun 1000-1600, guided tours for groups only on a stretch developed for tourists (500 m). Hiking boots are advisable, and expect to climb a steep iron ladder.
Departures: every hour, last admission

SZEMLÖ-HEGYI CAVE (Szemlöhegyi-barlang)
szemlohegy, budapest
II., Pusztaszeri út 35.

A rich variety of unmatched mineral formations, built by thermal waters. Aragonite and gypsum crystals. 2,200 meters have been explored, the vertical dimension is 50 m.
The cave is under increased natural protection.

Open: Mon, Wed-Fri 10.00-15.00, Sat, Sun 10.00-16.00, guided tours for groups only.
Departures: every hour, last tour 15.00

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