Budapest cafés & pastry shops

new york cafe, budapest
VII. Erzsébet krt. 9-11

The New York Cafe is fabulous. Opened on October 23, 1894, the ground floor cafe of the palace was built in an eclectic style for the elegant gentlemen. Otherwise, the palace and the café were named after the American insurance company, New York Life Insurance Company, which was built by Alajos Hauszmann.

The history of more than 120 years of New York Café boils down to literature - and although it has been known as the "World's Most Beautiful Café" for many ages, systems and destiny, it has always been reborn - and has always been waiting for artists seeking comfort and coziness. and of course the common people.
This is no different today: the rebuilt, old-fashioned building in the 21st Century means what it once meant in a world more prone to beauty: the World's Most Beautiful Cafe in Budapest!

castle, budapest
V., Károlyi Mihály u. 9.

The legendary 19th century café has recently been restored to its original splendour in the Inner City. Today, the lower floor is the café with marble-topped tables, and there is a restaurant on the gallery. Fine coffees and home-made pastry.
A place for extended conversations: you can stay for hours with a glass of mineral water.

V, Vörösmarty tér 7-9.

Budapest's most famous pastry shop and café. Founded by Henrik Kugler, a pioneer of Hungarian confectionery in 1858, it was taken over by Emil Gerbeaud, a Swiss confectioner.

His pastries were so unique that he delivered to all parts of the World. It was called the meeting place of the elegant World' in 1881. The delicacies are still prepared according to the original recipes. The interior recalls a turn-of-the-century atmosphere.

ruszwurm, budapest
I., Szentháromság u. 7.

Not to be missed! The country's oldest, 173-year old pastry shop in the Castle District. Biedermeier interior, period furniture.

The cakes are still made to the original recipes. The specialties include the Ruszwurm coffee and cake, and the Ruszwurm cream-filled pastry.

hadik, budapest
XI. Bartók Béla út 36, 1111

Hadik Café was in its heyday in the 1910s, when Karinthy, Kosztolányi, Déry, Móricz were regarded it as their living room. In 2010, the Hadik House revived two hospitality and cultural spaces in its original splendor: the classic Hadik Cafe, which pays homage to the spirit of its great predecessors, and distinctively the Szatyor Bar and Gallery, which redefines the bohemian world of the twentieth century. Both places share a strong and quality gastronomy with a cultural profile.
The Hadik and the Szatyor are the permanent home of literary evenings, art talks, musical productions and exhibitions that we intend to revive in the long-awaited café and cultural life, which was one of the strongest bastions in the Hadik era.

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