Bridges of Budapest





The first permanent bridge over the Danube, a symbol of
Budapest was built in 1839-1849 on the initiative of Count István Széchenyi.

It was designed by an Englishman William Tierney Clark, and built by his namesake Adam Clark. The first carriage which used the bridge still under construction during the War of Independence carried the Hungarian crown from Buda under siege to Debrecen.

Later, the Austrian troops wanted to explode it but this attempt was forestalled by Adam Clark, who flooded the chain chambers filled with explosives. It was blown up in World War II, and re-opened on 20 November 1949,
exactly 100 years after the first inauguration. The 350 meter long Tunnel, running from the foot of the bridge under the Castle Hill, was opened in 1856.

erzsebet hid


(Erzsébet hid)

Named after the Queen killed in 1898. The 380-meter long white cable bridge was opened in 1964.

A bridge of the same name was opened in 1903 and had been Europe's largest single-arched bridge (one without interim pillars) until 1926. Exploded by the Germans in January 1945.

The only bridge which was not restored to its original form because of traffic, economic and technological reasons: the spanning is unchanged but the cross-section is different.

szabadsag hid


(Szabadság hid)

Built for the Millennium celebrations in 1894-1896, 333.6 m long, 20.1 m wide. It was originally called Franz Joseph Bridge.

At the inauguration ceremony the King hammered the last silver nail into the iron structure on the Pest side. The projecting central towers are decorated with Hungary's coat of arms.
A major sight on each end: the Grand Market Hall and the Gellért Hill.



(Margit híd)

Built according to the design of Emile Gouin, a French
engineer in 1872-1876. Interestingly, the two halves that meet at the Margaret Island enclose a 150 degree angle. The access road to the island was built in 1900.

The bridge has been completely renovated and rebuilt in 2009-2011.

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